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Congrats to the Bike Palantine Club for helping get more bike racks in the community. Ribbon cutting on May 20.…
  Wed 4/26 3:04p   Activetrans  
City buses shouldn’t be a priority only when wealthier people want them. @thinkprogress @TransitCenter
  Wed 4/26 1:01p   Activetrans  
A Chicago River Trail will bring countless benefits to the city. We're excited for the campaign's next steps.…
  Wed 4/26 10:01a   Activetrans  
Did you know that there are over 20 different volunteer roles at MB Bike the Drive? Find your perfect one here:
  Tue 4/25 3:30p   Activetrans  
Davis, CA broke ground on America’s first bike lane in 1967, setting in motion a cycling revolution.…
  Tue 4/25 8a   Activetrans  
Check out how cycling swept the nation in the 1890s.
  Mon 4/24 4:35p   Activetrans  
The Arlington Heights Bike Swap is Saturday, April 29! Buy or sell bicycles and equipment of all shapes and sizes.
  Mon 4/24 8:33a   Activetrans  
Bike advocates fight back against CPD’s aggressive ticketing of cyclists in African-American neighborhoods.
  Sun 4/23 12:01p   Activetrans  
Check out Dan Ryan Woods and the North Branch Bike Trail on two wheels now that rental bikes are available.…
  Fri 4/21 4:46p   Activetrans  
Happy birthday to the bicycle! It turns 200 this year.
  Fri 4/21 9:02a   Activetrans  
Calling all bike enthusiasts! Volunteer for MB Bike the Drive on May 28th to meet a ton of fellow cycling buffs.
  Thu 4/20 3:02p   Activetrans  
Learn how we can make public transit work better for Chicago's South Side. @DanielKayHertz @SouthSideWeekly…
  Thu 4/20 12:02p   Activetrans  
Rental bikes are back at Dan Ryan Woods and the North Branch Bike Trail.
  Thu 4/20 9:05a   Activetrans  
Power of the pavement: Sidewalks are key to creating walkable, safe, healthy communities.
  Wed 4/19 4:32p   Activetrans  

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