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Crush some Rev Brews after a car-free bike ride down Lake Shore Drive during MB Bike the Drive on 5/28! #revbrew #MBBikeTheDrive
  Tue 5/23 7:04p   Activetrans
Keep parental panic attacks at bay. Teach your kids how to ride their bikes safely with this guide:…
  Tue 5/23 4:49p   Activetrans  
Reminder: Join us for a public meeting to discuss improving trails on the northwest side. More details below.…
  Tue 5/23 10a   Activetrans  
Cars take a back seat to bikes in Copenhagen due to some simple ROI calculations.
  Tue 5/23 8a   Activetrans  
Los Angeles ‘signals’ the way to better bus service Chicago should follow.
  Mon 5/22 3:05p   Activetrans  
Yes, if you register today, your packet will be available at REI. Enjoy the ride!
  Mon 5/22 12:35p   Activetrans  
So your kids are ready for their first bikes. No need to panic. Use this guide to teach them to ride safely.…
  Mon 5/22 10:32a   Activetrans  
Lakefront Trail detour through Lincoln Park starts TODAY. Know the detour before your walk, run or ride #chiLFT
  Mon 5/22 6:03a   Activetrans  
Get cool T when you sign up for #MBBiketheDrive. Performance T & stylish cycling cap also available. This Sunday.…
  Sun 5/21 2:05p   Activetrans  
Ride a bicycle. Save the world.
  Sun 5/21 10:02a   Activetrans  
Do you live on the northwest side and want to improve trails? There's still time to RSVP for our May 25th workshop.…
  Sat 5/20 2:02p   Activetrans  
North Side Lakefront Trail separation construction starts Monday. Learn about detour from Fullerton to North #chiLFT
  Sat 5/20 10:04a   Activetrans  
We're celebrating Chicago being named #1 biking city at this year's MB Bike the Drive on 5/28! Grab your bike & enj…
  Fri 5/19 7:04p   Activetrans  
It’s not too late. Sign up for Pedal4Life’s Hero in Me bike ride 5/21 to help people recover from addiction.…
  Fri 5/19 4:30p   Activetrans  

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