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More delays. City + state leaders should fix this and meet original deadline. Read more on our blog…
  Mon 10/16 11:59a   Activetrans  
These innovative street designs reclaim the roadways for pedestrians and cyclists and create healthy communities.…
  Mon 10/16 8:02a   Activetrans  
Improving transportation doesn’t require grand gestures. Here are 101 small things you can do to make a big impact.…
  Fri 10/13 8a   Activetrans  
Come to @cta public meeting on 10/18 to voice support for Transit Oriented Development near Red + Purple Modernizat…
  Thu 10/12 2:03p   Activetrans  
Join the Bike Walk Every Town summit on Sat, Oct 21 to improve biking and walking in your suburb. Register for free…
  Thu 10/12 12:17p   Activetrans  
No car? No problem. Transit-oriented developments let seniors live independent, active lives.…
  Thu 10/12 8:02a   Activetrans  
Travel requires time and money, but it might be worth it. Research shows it can improve your quality of life.…
  Wed 10/11 3:02p   Activetrans  
We talked w/ @marywizchicago about new Pulse service by @PaceSuburbanBus, Brings better neighborhood connections.
  Wed 10/11 9:27a   Activetrans  
Strong @Suntimes editorial on failure of state and federal government to adequately fund transit in our region
  Tue 10/10 3:31p   Activetrans  
Check out the latest Chicago River Trail e-newsletter. It's exciting to see work starting on the Riverview Bridge.…
  Tue 10/10 11:04a   Activetrans  
@SenDuckworth shares her thoughts on how proposed budget cuts to transit will harm people with disabilities.…
  Mon 10/9 3:01p   Activetrans  
The recently announced 312 RiverRun will provide incredible opportunities to walk, bike+run along the Chicago River…
  Fri 10/6 11:03a   Activetrans  
We moved closer to a Chicago River Trail with the groundbreaking of the Riverview Bridge. This trail will connect C…
  Thu 10/5 11:01a   Activetrans  
RT @IDOT_Illinois: Today is #WalktoSchoolDay, and more than 200 schools in Illinois are participating!
  Wed 10/4 9:51a   Activetrans  

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