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Bike share is public transit and must be accessible to all. There's some positive momentum in Chicago but lots more…
  Tue 6/27 2:06p   Activetrans  
CTA launches additional prepaid bus boarding pilots. Read about efforts to make bus service faster and more reliable
  Tue 6/27 8a   Activetrans  
We hope to see you all @Arcteryx Chicago this Thursday to mobilize for a safer Milwaukee Ave!…
  Mon 6/26 7a   Activetrans  
Thwart those bike thieves. Follow these helpful tips to keep your bicycle from getting stolen.…
  Fri 6/23 4:03p   Activetrans  
RT @cta: We’re showing some pride this year with four ‘L’ cars wrapped in the rainbow flag—look for 'em on the Red Line! #RideWithPride #Pr…
  Fri 6/23 2:29p   Activetrans
New @chicagotribune piece on our push for bike lanes on Milwaukee Ave. Sign the petition:
  Fri 6/23 12:18p   Activetrans  
Here's one cycling instructor's rules of the road to promote safe, fun biking.
  Thu 6/22 3:03p   Activetrans  
Uber won't replace public transit because of equity, money & geometry. Razor sharp observations from…
  Thu 6/22 12:03p   Activetrans  
.@metra sticking with new seats after one-year pilot program
  Thu 6/22 9:22a   Activetrans  
Catch the 2017 E-Bike Expo 6/23-25. And donate to us to enter into a raffle to win an e-bike…
  Wed 6/21 4:49p   Activetrans  
We're with @streetsblogchi: Chicago Avenue needs bus lanes We'll have more in our bus service report. @TransitCenter
  Wed 6/21 3:30p   Activetrans  
@blackstonebikes doesn’t just sell bikes. They teach kids the life skills they need to succeed.…
  Wed 6/21 9:03a   Activetrans  
Illuminate yourself by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter
  Tue 6/20 3:05p   Activetrans  
It's Chicago Bike Week presented by Freeman Kevenides Law Firm. Don't miss an event - subscribe to our eNewsletter…
  Tue 6/20 3:05p   Activetrans  

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