Race to Berwyn - Fri 3/31/17 5:45p
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 68F SE7-10 Partly Cloudy
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Chicago Critical Mass
Race to Berwyn
Fri Mar 31st 2017 5:45p

First time route fielded by young long-time participant Javier A. Montaño Jr. Heading to Berwyn for hopefully reasons more than him living there. Ride was sadly beset by trouble early, and lost some half the riders within the first mile. My little posse dutifully attempted to continue on route, but never again saw the head. We finally bailed at Cermak and California, to dinner and a movie with new friends. Critical Mass is a very large group bike event, gathering in Chicago the last Friday of every month for 15+ years. Leaves Daley Plaza downtown (50 W Washington St) around 6pm.
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CCM RT @streetsblogchi: Bike commuting from the South Side today? @activetrans has a commuter station set up at 55th and ...
CCM RT @HydePark_CHI: There’s a Bike to Work pit stop at Promontory Point tomorrow morning, just east of the tunnel at ...
CCM RT @curbedchicago: Avoid traffic and take the safest routes with this map! #bikechi
CCM RT @cta: Our #Pride Train is at Chicago, heading toward Howard now bringing people to the parade! Thanks, @usbank, fo...
CCM RT @Culture_Content: 16 miles #WestLoop to #Evanston and at least 16 #bikelane infractions. I’ve got some logging t...
CCM @CTA has extra trains & buses running for today’s #PrideChicago parade but would recommend #bikechi it. Also no Bik…
CCM RT @cta: Going to the Chicago #Pride Parade tomorrow? We're the best way to get there!
CCM Great set of freaks Bikes from @WestTownBikes at @The606Chicago party. Very very Bike friendly #bikechi #chicago
CCM RT @bikelaneuprise: Hello from #DC! See you at the #bike4thepike food truck social today
CCM RT @aka60643: Thanks for sharing the good news. #bikeCHI @ChicagoDOT
CCM RT @mashable: The bridge is being printed in mid-air
CCM Amen brother!!
CCM 8 for $99. I think I’ll take a shot @JeppsonsMalort & Chase it with a 99cent push pop from an ice truck. Instead
CCM RT @chownlife: Late post of today's shirt, from 2008. #bikechi #biketoworkweek2018
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