North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p
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NEWS from North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7pOld»        POST 
A grump on a recumbent bike told me to go fuck myself on #chilft because I went to the right of an obstruction. Isn…
  Thu 12/13 7:10p   Jcz  
Beautiful #bikechi shot from #chiLFT!
  Wed 12/12 6:49p   Bikechinorth  
Careful Wednesday morning--the weather looks bad for bikes. @ChicagoParks, I hope you'll keep up your great work of…
  Tue 12/11 3:50p   Dan Lowman  
Construction mostly complete on #chiLFT btw Roosevelt and 31st. Trail is now open fully from Ardmore (5800 N) to 55…
  Tue 12/11 9:40a   Dan Lowman  
#chiLFT in good shape. A little frosty in areas.
  Tue 12/11 8:54a   Rtwillia
Chicago Ave Underpass is OPEN on #chiLFT! #bikechi
  Tue 12/11 6:24a   Bikechinorth  
This morning the #ChiLFT was clear and dry; I took the Inner Drive detour because there were 10 fire and police veh…
  Mon 12/10 9:32a   Sarah A Smith  
#ChiLFT #BikeChi No ice, no snow, no wind, no waves. Sunny! AND the Chicago Ave underpass is UNLOCKED! Best commute…
  Mon 12/10 8:44a   Emonkus  
@Wewa0001 Ardmore is the North end of #chiLFT, a block north of where LSD ends. A spend an unhealthy amount of time…
  Thu 12/6 10:18a   Dan Lowman  
@Dan_Lowman Is Ardmore south or north of oak? I biked from wilson ave to Randolph on #chiLFT . I didn’t feel that c…
  Thu 12/6 9:01a   Wewa0001  
#chiLFT is clear Ardmore to Oak. There is any icy patch next to Jane Addams park btw Ohio and Illinois where that b…
  Thu 12/6 7:29a   Dan Lowman  
RT @BikeCHInorth: 🗣Ladies and gents! The “Inner Drive Detour.” #chiLFT #bikeCHI
  Wed 12/5 10:50p   Chicritmass  
RT @activetrans: Thanks to our friends at @CARARuns for helping @ChicagoParks put in distance markers on the newly separated Lakefront Trai…
  Wed 12/5 4:35p   Cararuns
Just got flipped-off by a @ChicagoParks orange front-loader #PK7231 on #chilft near Marovitz Driver was speeding d…
  Wed 12/5 2:25p   Cervelovuk  

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