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 33F W13 Snow 24i
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Fat, wet snowflakes killing visibility for bespectacled cyclists. I need lens wipers. #bikechi
  PUB  Mon 12/11 6:17p   Jcz
RT @chicago_bicycle: Please vote for #Chicago #Bicycle's holiday window display #NorthCenter #BikeChi…
  PUB  Mon 12/11 4:58p   Chownlife  
Please vote for #Chicago #Bicycle's holiday window display #NorthCenter #BikeChi
  PUB  Mon 12/11 4:55p   Chicago Bicycle  
RT @cta: New year, new design: Ventra Cards getting fresh new look (w/same great features: check bal. anywhere, add fare online/at retailer…
  ATA  Mon 12/11 4:38p   Activetrans
Thank you to the @NHLBlackhawks for inviting us to celebrate cutting the ribbon on their new practice arena! We hop…
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/11 2:26p   Chicagoparks  
@digital_bryan Thank you for the clarification. We will alert our staff on the issue.
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/11 2:17p   Chicagoparks
The Liability for Failing to Maintain a Bike Path via @bikelawcom #bikeCHI #bikelaw
  PUB  Mon 12/11 2:01p   Bkevenides  
@Northcenter @NeighborlyShop @zuludogandcat Yay! #Thanks #BikeChi
  PUB  Mon 12/11 2:01p   Chicago Bicycle
RT @ChicagosMayor: Subscribe to "Chicago Stories" on @ApplePodcasts🎙️ Our latest #podcast episode features @Collab…
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/11 1:08p   Chicagoparks  
Fading memories. Rest easy. #chicago #ghostbike #rip #bikechi #ridesafe #latergram
  PUB  Mon 12/11 12:28p   Dumb Saint  
Check out this video of our last shipment to Zambia. This clip aired on China Global TV's African affiliate!…
  PUB  Mon 12/11 12:11p   Workingbikes  
Tonight we are hosting a meeting regarding the South Lakefront Framework Plan at the South Shore Cultural Center, 7…
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/11 12:01p   Chicagoparks  
After Streetsblog Chicago filed a Freedom of Information Act request, CDOT released a trove of emails that provides…
  PUB  Mon 12/11 11:27a   Greenfieldjohn  
@digital_bryan For clarification, so we know what to communicate to our staff, did you also find razor blades at th…
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/11 11:10a   Chicagoparks  
Also periodic reminder that I am so here if you want to talk about any of your cycling anxiety. I’ve got a lot of g…
  PUB  Mon 12/11 10:56a   Yo Uterus  
@digital_bryan Could you let us know at which location you found this? Thank you.
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/11 9:44a   Chicagoparks

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