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NEWS from Public RidesOld»        POST 
With the state election behind us, it's time to focus on a new Bike Walk Fund in Illinois' annual budget. The state…
  ATA  Mon 11/12 2:17p   Activetrans  
? Critical mass meet up times.
  CCM  Mon 11/12 10:10a   Dre~es
Try our Pedal Extenders with updated wrench to install + 4pcs of washers to adjust #CyclingWeekly #Britishcycling…
  PUB  Mon 11/12 8:21a   Asepartsk  
In honor of Veterans Day all offices are closed (administration, regions & trades). NOTE: Most parks are open wit…
  CHICAGO  Mon 11/12 8a   Chicagoparks  
In Clearwater for an undetermined amount of time (family emergency) and currently only have a car and there's shit…
  PUB  Mon 11/12 7:03a   Pstafarianprice  
RT @BikeCHInorth: Classic. #bikechi
  PUB  Sun 11/11 9:40p   Kozyscyclery  
Find out why leaves change color in the fall? Come gather forest materials to build a shelter for our favorite gno…
  CHICAGO  Sun 11/11 5p   Chicagoparks  
Thank you ⁦@ChicagoParks⁩ for the recent #MajorTaylorTrail improvements at 111th. @fomtt ⁦@MajorTaylorChi⁩ #bikeCHI
  PUB  Sun 11/11 4:08p   Aka60643  
RT @ktWhitehead: First @cta bus ride! #backonthebus #maxonthebus @activetrans
  CCM  Sun 11/11 3:08p   Chicritmass  
On #VeteransDay we honor those who have served. In the spirit of “serving those who have served,” we offer U.S. vet…
  CHICAGO  Sun 11/11 2p   Chicagoparks  
RT @RideOfSilenceCh: Recommended improvements to Logan Blvd -- hopefully adding up to increased safety for cyclists, pedestrians, drivers…
  PUB  Sun 11/11 12:56p   Stevesimmons626
RT @ChiBikeAdvs: Armistice Day 100th anniversary. The Victory Monument honors the all African-American 370th Infantry who fought along side…
  PUB  Sun 11/11 12:13p   Pattywetli
Armistice Day 100th anniversary. The Victory Monument honors the all African-American 370th Infantry who fought alo…
  PUB  Sun 11/11 12:05p   Chibikeadvs  
Another fine day for a bike ride on #CHILFT Drunk guys hassling everyone near Soldier Field / another foot-race up…
  NSCM  Sun 11/11 12:04p   Cervelovuk  
Enter to win three unique experiences for you and your loved ones. Win 4 tickets to enjoy a day out at the…
  CHICAGO  Sun 11/11 11a   Chicagoparks  
Damn that’s crazy
  CCM  Sun 11/11 7:56a   Chicritmass  

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